Sunday, 29 May 2011

wanna get lots of coins in migoland?

hello ppls , its me again. today have u every get tired playing games all the day in migoland just because u need more coins on migoland? now if u want more coins like 16456 coins on migoland then u came to the right could just send in ur migoland user name and pass to this e-mail: this is real ok guys. one of my clients was thea_stilton i think now she had 16456 coins now.after u got ur coins u quicky change ur pass. ok thats all for today! see u guys in migoland next time!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

migoland free accounts!!! :))

user:ky101    pass:ky101
user:red_girl567   pass:cagla123
user:ethan000   pass:support

this account is not mine but please dont change the pass!!! :)) 

migoland invisable glitch!!!

hey guys!! its me again,today i am gonna show u how to be invisable in migoland!
step1:u need a castle house,go down your castle house. 
step2:quickly click on the door and click on the map and go to migopolis and taa-daa your flying in migopolis!! :))


trail parade over in migoland!:(

hello everyone, have your migoland account has been trail parade?
if  yes then u came to the right web.heres a glitch that u could play migoland for free without membership even went ur migoland account has been trail parade over.

step1:log on to migoland and sign in to user:ky101 pass:ky101 then wait for it to log in.

step2:after u log in to ky101 u quickly sign out and go to ur trail parade over account and it works.

but by the way u need to do this everytime u log on to migoland!